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About Freeride MN

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Our website aims to unite and empower the mountain biking community in Minnesota by creating a central hub for all things MTB. We strive to foster a vibrant MTB community where riders can easily find what they need, keep up to date and contribute to trail build-outs, and engage with a thriving network of fellow riders, coaches, and influencers. Join us as we build a stronger, more connected Minnesota MTB community.

For beginners; we provide a user-friendly platform that offers comprehensive resources specifically tailored to beginners. Whether it's detailed trail information, beginner-friendly routes, or tips and guides to get started, we have it all in one place. Additionally, our website serves as a gateway to connect beginners with experienced coaches who can provide guidance and training opportunities to accelerate their learning curve. By fostering a supportive community, we aim to make the mountain biking journey more accessible, enjoyable, and less intimidating for beginners.
Advanced riders would benefit from our website in multiple ways. Firstly, we offer a wealth of information on advanced trails, challenging routes, and specialized riding techniques. Our platform acts as a centralized resource hub, allowing advanced riders to explore new trails, push their limits, and discover hidden gems within the Minnesota area. Additionally, our website facilitates connections with fellow advanced riders - creating opportunities for collaboration, group rides, and up-to-date events/trail buildouts to be apart of.

With our comprehensive offerings, we aim to enhance the experience of advanced riders, fostering growth and camaraderie within the Minnesota mountain biking community.

As the driving force behind Freeride MN, our dedicated team is tirelessly working to realize Minnesota's first and exclusive Indoor MTB park by 2025. Drawing inspiration from the renowned Ray's MTB, we firmly believe that Minnesota is the ideal location to establish another exceptional indoor park. Our initial vision is to combat the challenges posed by the cold winter months, but further providing riders with a cutting-edge facility for year-round training and adrenaline seekers. Our mission is to create an unparalleled experience, offering state-of-the-art amenities and an environment that fosters both skill development and enjoyment.Freeride-MN's mission and the vision for Freeride Indoor go hand in hand, creating a synergistic relationship. Freeride-MN will serve as a digital platform to connect riders, enthusiasts, and the mountain biking community, generating excitement and support for the both the community and for the indoor park. Through the website, we can provide updates, progress reports, and engage with potential park visitors, building anticipation and fostering a sense of community. Conversely, the indoor park will offer a physical space for riders to further immerse themselves in the sport, complementing the website's resources and providing a dynamic, year-round mountain biking experience. Together, the website and indoor park aim to strengthen and grow the Minnesota mountain biking community, offering both digital and physical avenues for riders to connect, improve their skills, and share their passion for the sport.Check us out & drop us a note with your thoughts, questions, or to show some love!