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Maximize Your Summer: Must-Ride Trails and Community Engagement

What are the must ride trails before the summer ends and how can you finish off your summer of riding by being good stewards of the sport.
Michael Seffren
Michael SeffrenPublished on July 22, 2023
Michael Seffren

Hey there, fellow riders!

With the summer season rapidly approaching its end in just two months, it's the perfect time to seize every biking opportunity. By now, you might have already conquered the staple trails like Leb for action, Theo for convenience, and Elm for a good leg burn. Perhaps you've even ventured to White Tail Ridge or Monarch to satisfy your thirst for jumps. But, let's not forget that there's still so much more to explore and experience on two wheels before the season bids us farewell.

If you haven't journeyed up north yet, now is the time to do so. Tioga offers a more sessionable experience than Cuyuna and is just an additional 1.5 hours north—an expedition that's undoubtedly worth the drive. Check this video out from Kris Yahner on YouTube. You might even consider pairing it up with Cuyuna for a thrilling weekend trip. Looking ahead, Giants Ridge, for lift-assisted riding, and Red Head, for the views, are gems to be savored later in the summer and into fall, as the vibrant foliage paints the landscape with breathtaking colors.

While we revel in the thrill of riding, let's also remember the significance of being good stewards of the sport and giving back to our community. It's crucial to support the organizations that are diligently building and maintaining the trails we enjoy. Donating to these groups ensures they can continue creating exceptional biking experiences for all of us. Seek our community page to see what organizations fit your interests. Beyond supporting them financially, there's an even more impactful way to contribute: getting involved in trail maintenance days.

By joining dig days and volunteer events, you actively help maintain and enhance the trails you love. It's an opportunity to connect with like-minded riders, share knowledge, and give back to the very trails that bring us so much joy. Specifically, Cottage Grove Bike Park hosts dig days every Thursday, while Hillside Park's dig days are scheduled every Monday. Mark your calendars and be part of the efforts to maintain these fantastic trails, contributing to a thriving biking community.

In light of our dedication to the biking community, we are thrilled to introduce Freeride MN, an initiative that aims to be the ultimate hub for all things mountain biking in Minnesota. But, we need your help to make it truly valuable to you all. Share your feedback, insights, and wishlist—your input will shape Freeride MN into a resource that enhances your riding experiences.

In addition to Freeride MN, we're also working on bringing Freeride Indoor to life—an indoor biking park that will keep the stoke alive all year round. We're exploring possibilities and connections to make this dream a reality. If you know of potential investors or supporters who share our passion for mountain biking, please let them know about this exciting opportunity.

So, let's make the most of these next two months—ride those unforgettable trails, give back to the community, and fuel the stoke for an even more epic future of mountain biking in Minnesota. Keep pedaling, exploring, and embracing the thrill of the ride!

Stay Stoked,

Michael Seffren
CEO - Freeride MN X Freeride Indoor